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This section is dedicated to post treatment do’s and don’ts I will share my knowledge to prolong the effects of the treatments and help your horse stay on top form for longer!

Tips & Advice: Tips & Advice

👍🏻 DO! 👍🏻

🌟 Allow your horse to rest for 24-48 hours post treatment - this means no ridden work as they can still process releases up to 72 hours after the initial treatment! 
🌟Allow your horse access to plenty of fresh water - they may drink and wee more after the treatment. This is nothing of concern, they are just flushing out the toxins released from their body. 
🌟Turnout out as much as possible - your horse will benefit from having as much turnout as possible after treatment. If this is not possible then gentle 10-15 minute in hand walks are advised. 
🌟Perform aftercare stretches as discussed in the treatment - these could be baited stretches, limb protraction/retraction. 


👎🏻 DON’TS 👎🏻 

❗️Don’t take your horse for a workout straight after the treatment - their body needs time to process the releases and flush out the toxins. 
❗️Don’t leave your horse in the stable for a long duration - 2-3 in hand walks a day are advised if turnout isn’t an option.

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